Performance Panels for the Marine Industry




Marine – Inland Plywood is recognized as the leading supplier of wood panel products to the marine industry.  Our quality products and extensive experience enable us to deliver products to your facility that will meet or exceed your boatbuilding needs. 


We are much more than just a flat panel supplier.  We excel at providing our customers solutions that meet their specific needs.  These include custom width or length panels, machined parts such as plywood transoms, or complete stringer and floor kits.  Join the most recognized names in the marine industry by contacting us and letting us work to earn your trust and business. 


Industrial – We offer a total package of products and services that fit quite nicely for a number of industrial processing applications. The excellent performance of our panels allows them to be used in projects like exhibit construction, commercial millwork, indoor and outdoor cabinetry, and crating. 


Custom – Our ability to manufacture custom products is very extensive.  With two fully armed manufacturing facilities, we offer a full range of panel laminating, cutting, routing, drilling, and assembly services.  Anything from cutting square panels used for crating to fully machining intricate details on store fixture components or similar type products is within our capability.  Do you have a manufacturing bottleneck that we might be able to help with?