Inland Plywood

Performance Laminated Panels

Our wide range of custom-made Laminate Overlaid Panels are suitable for multiple applications: from galley cabinetry in marine applications to medical vehicles and commercial trucks.

Examples of Laminate Overlaid Panel applications:

  • marine applications
  • medical vehicles and trailers
  • commercial trucks
  • millwork and casework
  • stages for exhibits
  • military projects
  • point of purchase displays


  • G-1-S or G-2-S panels with various combinations of colors and backers
  • A wide range of substrates, including:
    • CalCore Hardwood Laminating Platforms
    • Douglas Fir Special Boat Panel Platforms
    • Industrial Grade Particleboard
    • Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • Custom-made panels

We are an OEM buyer of laminate products from Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, and Pionite. Follow these links to select colors that satisfy your custom requirements:

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Special Stocking Program:

If you have a recurring need for laminated panels, we will gladly work out a stocking program with you. This program will allow you to take delivery of panels whenever you need them.